Lonely Planet: The 10 best places to visit in Europe in 2017 and Portugal is on the list

Europe is a treasure trove of incredible travel experiences, which can make deciding where to go a challenging task. Thankfully Lonely Planet’s travel experts have been on the case to bring you the best spots to add to your bucket list for 2017.

Portugal is on the list with the beautiful Alentejo. Looming clifftop castles, rugged coastlines and a treasure chest of culinary wonders: Portugal’s Alentejo has magnetic allure. This vast region is also home to Unesco World Heritage sites, prehistoric megaliths and many hidden wonders (a soaring Roman temple, an eerie chapel made of bones). Yet despite its easy access from Lisbon, the Alentejo has remained largely off the tourist radar until recently.

All that has changed with the completion of a multi-day coastal walk (the Rota Vicentina) and a spate of creative eateries and imaginative guesthouses (including Train Spot, set inside a beautifully converted railroad station). New investments in tourism haven’t taken away from the Alentejo’s timeless beauty, its rolling vineyards, medieval village centres or rich traditional cuisine, which ranks among the best in Portugal.

Here is the list of the best destinations you can visit in 2017:

1. Zagreb, Croatia
2. Gotland, Sweden
3. Galicia, Spain
4. Northern Montenegro
5. Leeds, United Kingdom
6. Alentejo, Portugal
7. North of Germany
8. Moldavia
9. Paphos, Cyprus
10. Le Havre, France


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